Chocolate “Sweeties”

Crunchy Gourmets

Our home-made squares of chocolate, are naming  ” Crunchy Gourmets”… an attractive word because they are prepared with love, made in a pure Belgian chocolate and chocolates “of Origin”.
In the range “of crisp ones”, dried fruits are roasted in our chocolate workshop and the caramel home-made.
In the same way as, we use bio citrus fruits and they are deshydrated in our chocolate workshop. Citrus fruits in the preparations of both fruity ranges, bring a crunchy note and a fresh flavor. Like a tasting of a good wine, your palate will enjoy discovering the particular note of every fruit!
The selection of red berries is prepared with fruity caramel slivers.
Finally the range ” chocolates of Origin ” will make you discover and taste high-quality chocolates : hot and sweetly-seasoned sensations for dark chocolate, soft and sweet like a caress for milk chocolates.
Once again, you will enjoy the ” Crunchy Gourmets ” as you savour a good wine!
Moreover chocolate and wine harmonise pleasantly!

We  offer a range of four boxes with twenty squares of chocolate :

  • Red fruity candies: raspberry’s caramel , strawberry’s caramel, cherry’s caramel blackcurrant’s  caramel
  • Citrus fruits: orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit
  • Crunchy: dried fruits, spéculoos (belgium spiced biscuits), silvers of caramel, feuillantine
  • The origins: black of Sao-Tomé, black of Mexico, milk of Ghana, milk of Java

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The visuel identity of colors for our squares of chocolate helps you to  recognize them easily (click the link)
All our « Crunchy Gourmets » are made with fresh products of quality without food additives and preservings.
They don’t contain palm oil but pure butter of cocoa.

Sweet “Gourmandises”

Our home-made chocolate spread, bear the attractive name of “Greedy Sweetnesses” because they are prepared lovingly with a home-made caramel, subtly mixed in a pure Belgian milk chocolate. It is the base of all our pastes for bread, in which we  add diverse ingredients to bring a big tasteful diversity!

The range comes in twelve subtle flavors among which :

  • Five fruity tastes: raspberry, strawberry, maracuja, mandarin and lime
  • Five flowery tastes: pink(rose), jasmine, violet, poppy and lavender
  • Finally two classic tastes: salted butter and nougat

The “Nougat”: chocolate and caramel spread with soft Nougat
The Caramel salted butter : chocolate and caramel spread with salted butter from a Belgian Farm.
The fruity: chocolate and caramel spread with pulp of fresh fruits : fresh raspberries from a local production of Liège, fresh strawberries Lambada (from Wépion), mandarins (Italy), limes (Brazil) and maracujas (passion fruits of Ecuador)
The flowery: chocolate and caramel spread with natural aromas of rose, violet, jasmine, poppy and lavender of Provence.

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All our “Sweet Gourmandises” are made with fresh products, free from food additives and conservatives.
They don’t contain palm oil. They are conditioned in jars solicitous over the quality of your health (explanations – click here)